John Stapleton having decided that his motor racing days were no longer giving him the buzz he enjoyed ,was looking for something else to take its place. Having always had a firework party each year he was, one year, approached by the local Vicar  with an idea to raise some money for a new roof for the church.Persuading English Heritage to let him use the Norman Castle situated in the middle of the village, proved an inspired choice with the resulting firework show being voted the best show ever seen in the area. Numerous requests to do other shows resulted in The Firework Shop being born in the mid 80's. Still at the helm he continues to enjoy putting together shows for many many different events.

How it works

For our displays we remotely fire all Fireworks, this provides a much more fluent show than attempting to light all fireworks by hand, and of course providing a much higher level of safety. We use a preofessional high specification pyrotechnics remote firing system allowing us to have full control over all the fireworks in your show.