We have provided many spectacular fireworks displays for weddings in the past and we will be able to deliver a very special fireworks show for your wedding. We can provide a show based on how much you want to spend or what types of fireworks you want to include, such a colour, size or a particular style of firework.

November The 5th

We currently provide Guy Fawkes events for a few clients, our main one beign the Eynsford Village Firework Show drawing crowds of around 2,500 each year. So if you would like a Nov 5th fireworks display please get in contact and we can talk you through the process of organising your event.


Fireworks aren't only reserved for certain days of the year, if your thinking of havnig a party a private Fireworks display will be an unexpected surprise for everyone and can be a very unique gift to the someone special! Contact us to find out more about arranging your firework show.

fireworks parties


We provide several shows for companies arranging events such as music events or various festivals. A Firework show is a very attractive feature to add to your event to attract even more customers to your event. Contact us to find out what we can supply for your event.

corporate fireworks

The Process

So what happens when you book your display?

If you want to book your display you will need to get in touch with us via email or by ringing us. We will ask you how much you are wanting to spend and you can tell us if you want to include anything particular in your display such as colour or a certain type of firework.